Ways to Support Your Local Libraries

Ways to Support Your Local Libraries

August 09, 2021

Local libraries are an essential part of the community. They often provide literacy programs and support to children and adults alike, while bringing the joy of reading to anyone who wants to partake. Many libraries rely on philanthropy from local businesses and support from community members. The money they can raise helps these libraries run their day-to-day operations and provide programs for the community. If you are looking for a way to help support your local library, below are a few options worth considering.

Donate Your Old Books

If your personal library has grown too large to handle, or you know you have books that you don't plan on reading again, consider donating some of them to your local library. As long as they are in good condition, your books will likely be accepted—and appreciated.[1]

If you donate titles that are in high demand or need, libraries may put some of your books in circulation. Otherwise, they may use your books in their fundraising efforts, such as a book sale. Check with your local library about how they handle book donations.[2]

Consider Volunteering

While there may be a few paid positions at the library, most positions are filled by volunteers. Volunteers are needed for shelving, handling checkouts, and helping out with library programs. If your library does any tutoring or provides reading help, they likely need volunteers for that as well.[3]

Shop Library Sales

Throughout the year, your local library may have book sales. Library book sales are part of their fundraising efforts throughout the year, which helps them to earn the necessary funds to stay open and continue offering programs. While the books in the sales may not always be in the best condition, they are priced to sell—and the money made from them will go to good causes. These sales may also help libraries clear out old inventory to free up more shelf space.

Join a Friend of the Library Group

One of the best ways to directly help your local library is by becoming a Friend of the Library. These groups are donors to the library and will be notified of all fundraising events the library may have. They also may be tasked with organizing volunteers and performing other functions on behalf of the library. Depending on the group, you may need to provide a donation to pay annual dues, but this will depend on the requirements of your specific group.[4]

By taking the time to help support your local libraries, you can contribute to literacy efforts in your local community and support programs to improve education.






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